Oh Joy! Plus-Plus in Sunset


+ This color combination was made exclusively for Oh Joy! and only available in our shop!

Let's get ready to build! With just one simple shape you will have endless possibilities and tons of fun. Plus-Plus is one shape with endless possibility! Designed and made in Denmark, this deceptively simple shape is the ultimate in open-ended play. Younger kids can build 2-D mosaics and older kids can create 3-D masterpieces. They are reusable, travel friendly, and make a great gift!

 Designed and made in Denmark
• BPA-Free and phthalate-free
• Suggested for ages 5-12
 Each piece measures 24mm x 12mm
• Warm color combo includes a mix of: neon pink, peach, white, neon yellow, pink, neon orange
• Includes 280 pieces