Oh Joy! For CALPAK
Power Luggage Tag in Floral


Oh Joy! for CALPAK's power luggage tags are the perfect travel accessory. Add to your carry-on to charge your phone at the airport, on your flight, or en-route to any destination. At your destination, remove the tag and take it with you to power up your daily adventures! Comes in three Oh Joy! designs.

• Stylish luggage tag made of faux leather
• Personalizable insert
• Removable battery charger
• 2000 mAh battery power
• Charging cord and adaptor
• 5V/1A input/output only*

• Tag: 5"x 3" x 0.4"
• Tag with strap on first hole: 7.4" x 3" x 0.4"
• Strap length 9.5"
• All dimensions are approximate

* For carry-on use only. If checking in your luggage, remove the charger from luggage tag. Chargers cannot be checked in. Power supply higher than 5V prohibited.

**Find the full collection at CALPAK